Dizem que Rust é a linguagem do futuro para sistemas embarcados e parece que já da para rodar na nossa placa. https://github.com/atsams-rs/atsamx7x-rust
Learn Rust Kernel modules Linux/FreeBSD Embedded Rust OS Development
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Consider learning Rust and doing the projects in it
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installing Rustup metadata and toolchains will be installed into the Rustup home directory, located at: /Users/daniloassis/.rustup This can be modified with the RUSTUP_HOME environment variable. The Cargo home directory located at: /Users/daniloassis/.cargo This can be modified with the CARGO_HOME environment variable. The cargo, rustc, rustup and other commands will be added to Cargo's bin directory, located at: /Users/daniloassis/.cargo/bin This path will then be added to your PATH environment variable by modifying the profile files located at: /Users/daniloassis/.profile /Users/daniloassis/.bash_profile /Users/daniloassis/.bashrc /Users/daniloassis/.zshenv You can uninstall at any time with rustup self uninstall and these changes will be reverted. I had problems installing by curl so I installed from home brew then, after I check the cargo version and it was missing with the error error: no default toolchain configured then I followed up this tutorial https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44303915/no-default-toolchain-configured-after-installing-rustup cargo --version works normally
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Thumbs up if you'd like to see Rust added to the site.
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When the switch is pressed the switch doesn't come back to its off state, and stays pressed in. change it so it turns off after 60 seconds.
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The crate uses a few convencience nightly features, but they're all not needed. EDIT: Actually, build-std is still unstable and doesn't have a timeline for stabilization right now, so that's not urgent.
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It would be awesome if this plugin supported rust. I have a lot of notes and samples that would like to run. Looking at the code, it seems it should be possible. I think I could provide a PR somewhere in the future. Thanks!
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Steps to reproduce the bug: Create an emulator Add a hook to it Drop the emulator (just let it go out of scope) Expected behaviour: all resources related to the emulator are freed. Actual behaviour: the emulator is not freed. The following code showcases the problem: use std::thread; use std::time::Duration; use unicorn_engine::unicorn_const::{Arch, Mode, Permission}; use unicorn_engine::Unicorn; pub fn code_hook(_: &mut Unicorn<()>, _: u64, _: u32) {} fn main() { const MEM_SIZE: usize = 0x10000000; // 256 MB const PAGE_SIZE: usize = 0x1000; const START_ADDRESS: u64 = 0x10000; for i in 0..0x100 { println!("{i}"); let mut emu = unicorn_engine::Unicorn::new(Arch::X86, Mode::MODE_64) .expect("failed to initialize Unicorn instance"); emu.mem_map(START_ADDRESS, MEM_SIZE, Permission::ALL) .expect("failed to map code page"); // Touch all pages to actually map the memory for address in (START_ADDRESS..START_ADDRESS + MEM_SIZE as u64).step_by(PAGE_SIZE) { emu.mem_write(address, &[0xcc]).unwrap(); } emu.add_code_hook(0, u64::MAX, code_hook).unwrap(); thread::sleep(Duration::from_secs(1)); // emu is dropped here } } At each point in time, only one emulator should exist, so the memory usage should stay constant, around MEM_SIZE. Instead you will see that after each second, the memory usage increases by MEM_SIZE, indicating that the emulator is not freed. The root cause of the problem is that the UnicornInner does not get dropped when Unicorn is dropped. This happens because inner is an Rc, which only gets dropped if its reference count is exactly one. unicorn/bindings/rust/src/lib.rs Lines 131 to 155 in ca81d46 pub struct UnicornInner<'a, D> { pub handle: uc_handle, pub ffi: bool, pub arch: Arch, /// to keep ownership over the hook for this uc instance's lifetime pub hooks: Vec<(ffi::uc_hook, Box<dyn ffi::IsUcHook<'a> + 'a>)>, /// To keep ownership over the mmio callbacks for this uc instance's lifetime pub mmio_callbacks: Vec<MmioCallbackScope<'a>>, pub data: D, } /// Drop UC impl<'a, D> Drop for UnicornInner<'a, D> { fn drop(&mut self) { if !self.ffi && !self.handle.is_null() { unsafe { ffi::uc_close(self.handle) }; } self.handle = ptr::null_mut(); } } /// A Unicorn emulator instance. pub struct Unicorn<'a, D: 'a> { inner: Rc<UnsafeCell<UnicornInner<'a, D>>>, } However, the add_code_hook function clones inner, increasing the reference count. This introduces a circluar reference, because the inner holds a reference to the hooks, but the hooks also hold a reference to inner; hence inner will never get dropped. unicorn/bindings/rust/src/lib.rs Line 626 in ca81d46 inner: self.inner.clone(), The same issue holds for all add_*_hook functions, as well as mmio_map.
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Thanks for your project! I made a small port of it in rust: https://github.com/fistons/rust-tinyraycaster Maybe this can interest you? Cheers!
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check this out: https://lib.rs/crates/jaq its a quite interesting re-implementation
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Objective Re-implement the 'shippingservice' in Rust. This should be a drop-in replacement.
A gcc macro called sorry_at exists in the "diagnostics" header. However, since it takes a location_t type as first parameter, we cannot directly call it with our location info, which are instances of the Location class, which themselves wrap a location_t. This ends up requiring the following code: sorry_at (locus.gcc_location(), "fmt"); We should add a wrapper around this macro for our frontend specifically, similarly to the existing rust_error or rust_debug_loc macros. The idea would simply be to take a Location as macro and forward the inner gcc location and the remaining arguments.
Description Current Rust compiler does not allow custom plugins to be used that require MIR-passes. Acceptance Criteria Fork Rust compiler and understand contribution workflow for embedding new plugin
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From rust 1.47 to 1.61
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Description We need some user documentation. Rust documentation is great and well integrated in tooling. We should comply to Rust standards for our documentation. Acceptance criteria All important functions and part of the codes are well documented Rust standards are matched Documentation includes code samples
Rust Hecto: Build your own text editor in Rust Tutorial URL Category 3D Renderer Augmented Reality BitTorrent Client Blockchain / Cryptocurrency Bot Command-Line Tool Database Docker Emulator / Virtual Machine Front-end Framework / Library Game Git Network Stack Neural Network Operating System Physics Engine Programming Language Regex Engine Search Engine Shell Template Engine Visual Recognition System Voxel Engine Web Search Engine Web Server Uncategorized
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在 Android 中运行 Rust - Rust精选 The roots aren't deep but the seeds are planted! https://rustmagazine.github.io/rust_magazine_2021/chapter_5/running_rust_on_android.html
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This issue has to do with integrating (better) with quizx, the Rust port of pyzx. There are already some python bindings, available here, but they only cover some of the functionality. This request is to extend the coverage of quizx functionality and also make quizx and it's python bindings pip-installable.
Update to latest rust version or specify which version works
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The actions-rs/toolchain action used in CI can determine which rust channel to use from the rust-toolchain.toml file rather than the explicit toolchain: stable argument passed currently. It doesn't work perfectly at the moment. There's an upstream PR that will fix the functionality: actions-rs/toolchain#209. For now we can fork the toolchain action and merge that PR. Eventually we should switch back to the upstream when that PR is merged. See also: #2513 Discussion of lints CI in #2506
rust-gdb - Could you please add some feature to make it easy to run rust-scripts with gdb ? I've found flag --debug to build in debug mode. However it : 1. also runs script and 2. still I need to sk cache directory looking for path to debug build binary. What about flag (maybe with shorter name) --build-only-and-return-absolute-path-to-binary ? That way I could run rust-gdb "$(rust-script --debug --build-only-and-return-absolute-path-to-binary my_script.rs)" to comfortably run script in debugger ?
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