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⚡ Vanilla Node API endpoint server scaffold. This is close to what you would come up with if you started writing Node server from scratch. I plan on updating this code with a complete API, so keep an eye on the repo!
⚡ JavaScript library containing useful vanilla classes and functions, originally created for making games and building vanilla UI controls.
⚡ On June 6, 2019 Tetris turned 35 years old. To celebrate, I wrote my own version and published it in my GitHub repo. No libraries. No frameworks. Just JavaScript. And no, this is not the best way, nor is it most-optimized version. It's just a simple break down.
⚡ Express.js-based Mongo API end-point scaffold for the front-end / back-end API round-trip. If you're learning Mongo for the first time this is a good starting point. This is the source code. This server includes SSL (You have to generate your own keys using certbot and LetsEncrypt) and image uploads with multer module and resizing with sharp..
⚡ PlayStation 5 UX in vanilla JavaScript and CSS animations
⚡ Universal JavaScript Mouse class, automatically tracks mouse drag distance, converts it to a CSS style object, and calculates velocity of the mouse movement (to be inherited later by affected elements.)