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⚡ Rudimentary implementation of SQL-style datastore. Supports select, filter, group by, and order by features that are respectful of aggregation logic along with an importing feature using only directories, simple text files and Python.
⚡ Discord bot created with Discord API. Simultaneously handles event scheduling, signup and attendance management, delivery of customizable reminders, and facilitation of board games through single-threaded asynchronous processing.
⚡ Interactive program that allows users to track custom metrics about their life via CLI. Analytics tools are provided to allow users to track how they are doing with various self-set goals, and view long term trends in their activities.
⚡ ReactJS 101 (lit. "Learn ReactJS from Zero") is an introductory educational book for ReactJS, originally written in Mandarin Chinese, that hopes to enable beginners to learn ReactJS on first glance, through covering the ReactJS ecosystem from simple to complex (Flux, Redux, React Router, ImmutableJS, React Native, Relay/GraphQL etc).
⚡ A REST API using NodeJS and MongoDB that exposes 4 endpoints for querying the status and information of virtual cats.