Fine Tune BSC node Speed


Fine Tune BSC node Speed

Dear All,

I have a Full node synced and runninng bt i see that the speed is a bit slow as it take around 280 ms on each block :

blocks=1 txs=328 mgas=37.982 elapsed=397.453ms mgasps=95.563 number=11,084,736 hash=83c391..a7629c dirty=605.14MiB blocks=1 txs=265 mgas=26.837 elapsed=333.278ms mgasps=80.524 number=11,084,751 hash=5a5d49..004b5b dirty=612.58MiB Also the mgasps is low

also i see all the time unindexed Tx , i don't know if normal or not ? Unindexed transactions blocks=1 txs=60 tail=8,734,752 elapsed=1.017ms Unindexed transactions blocks=1 txs=85 tail=8,734,753 elapsed=1.737ms

Welcome to any commen tor help that can guide to improve this !


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