StreamingLens Insights always showing "Streaming Query State: NONEWBATCHES" in Logs.


StreamingLens Insights always showing "Streaming Query State: NONEWBATCHES" in Logs.

Hi All,

I am using StreamingLens in my spark structure streaming application but it's always showing same logs .BatchId is getting updated but Streaming Query State: NONEWBATCHES remains same. can someone suggest why the State and recommendations are not updating in logs.

**|||||||||||||||||| StreamingLens Insights |||||||||||||||||||||||||

BatchId: 344

Analysis Time: 00s 000ms

Expected Micro Batch SLA: 120s 000ms

Batch Running Time: 00s 000ms

Critical Time: 00s 000ms

Streaming Query State: NONEWBATCHES


21/10/01 15:50:04 WARN QueryInsightsManager: Streaming Lens failed key not found: BatchDescription(e68c3c2c-6d5f-469e-864a-)**

Spark Submit Command:

**spark-submit \

--verbose \

--name SparkStreamingLens \

--num-executors 1 \

--jars /home/abc/jars/spark-streaminglens_2.11-0.5.3.jar,\

/home/abc/jars/kafka-clients-, \

--master yarn \

--deploy-mode cluster \

--driver-cores 1 --driver-memory 2G --executor-cores 1 --executor-memory 2G \

--supervise --class \

/home/abc/jar/SparkStreamingLens-spark-utility_2.11-1.0.jar **

Kindly Guide if is there anything needs to change here.

As in Project (com.qubole.spark.streaminglens.QueryInsightsManager) below code is available to fetch the insights.

**| |||||||||||||||||| StreamingLens Inisights |||||||||||||||||||||||||

| BatchId: ${results.batchId}

| Analysis Time: ${pd(results.analysisTime)}

| Expected Micro Batch SLA: ${pd(results.streamingCriticalPathResults.expectedMicroBatchSLA)}

| Batch Running Time: ${pd(results.streamingCriticalPathResults.batchRunningTime)}

| Critical Time: ${pd(results.streamingCriticalPathResults.criticalTime)}

| Streaming Query State: ${results.streamingCriticalPathResults.streamingQueryState.toString}

| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||


Here taking all the details from streamingCriticalPathResults and here only code available for NONEWBATCH State

**case class StreamingCriticalPathResults(expectedMicroBatchSLA: Long = 0,

batchRunningTime: Long = 0,

criticalTime: Long = 0,

streamingQueryState: StreamingState.Value = StreamingState.NONEWBATCHES)**

Kindly Suggest.

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