C030-R412m: Target don’t start (power supply / battery)

Posted 2 months ago

C030-R412m: Target don’t start (power supply / battery) #15165

Description of defect

Under certain conditions the target C030-R412m does not start anymore. Following an explained routine that describes the problem:

  1. Power supply (over USB serial connector or through pins) and Battery are both attached.
  2. Program starts and runs as expected.
  3. Detach power supply, target runs as expected only with battery.
  4. After X time, battery is draining and target powers off.
  5. After some hours, I re-attach the power supply (over USB serial connector or through pins). And here is the problem!


The target don’t starts and the charger chip never starts to charge the battery. If I attach the power supply through USB with serial data, I don’t get a serial connection. Only the blue led (near serial USB connector if USB power supply used) and the green led near battery charger chip is on. Push reset button does not help and does nothing (no reaction).

To get the target back to work, I need to:

  1. Remove power supply and battery.
  2. Re-attach battery and then the power supply.
  3. Target returns to normal status and all works as expected.

Target(s) affected by this defect ?


Toolchain(s) (name and version) displaying this defect ?

Mbed Studio 1.4.3

What version of Mbed-os are you using (tag or sha) ?


What version(s) of tools are you using. List all that apply (E.g. mbed-cli)

Mbed Studio 1.4.3

How is this defect reproduced ?

To reproduce this problem, follow steps described in description.

Created 2 months ago

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