React transition: static pages mixing with react

Posted 4 weeks ago

React transition: static pages mixing with react #2239

Describe the bug

  • /index,and /about seem to be coming from the static site build, while the sub-pages on /how-it-works/* are loading more like a single page app.
  • When navigating to /how-it-works/* you'll get a quick flash of all that section's content as well.

Impact This may not be in line with how we're authorized to serve the site.

To Reproduce Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Click around the main nav links
  2. Click on /how-it-works/*
  3. Get a quick flash of all the content
  4. Navigate with the sidebar nav to get more of a single-page app experience

Expected behavior

  • Pages should be static.
  • HOWEVER ... if the way this is working on staging is allowed, the page loads do feel super snappy
  • Connect with Ron to see what might be allowed here

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Created 3 weeks ago

@drew-usds @MauriceReeves-usds We are good to close this issue. Ron got back to me and said the following:

Hi Kevin! The front-end is still compiled down to static JavaScript and HTML, correct? I understand the route would be handling rendering the page dynamically in browser, but CDC’s concern is dynamic pages hosted on a server like Apache or IIS. Dynamic page rendering through an SPA framework is not a concern.