Faceunity 人脸跟踪及虚拟道具绘制在声网SDK中的集成demo - Android版

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Agora Video With Faceunity

This doc helps you quickly get started with an Agora real-time video call with FaceUnity effects available.

Refer to Faceunity API reference for the use of FaceUnity SDK.

Refer to Agora API reference for how to implement Agora interacting video calls.

Since the use of third-party video processing librarie needs custom capture and rendering, please refer to Custom Video Source and Renderer

Quick Start

This section shows you how to configure and run the project.

Obtain an Agora App ID and FaceUnity licence

  1. You must obtain an Agora app ID. When creating an Agora rtc engine, the engine needs the app id to identify your application. Locate the project file app/src/main/res/values/strings.xml and replace <#YOUR APP ID#> with the app id.
<string name="agora_app_id"><#YOUR APP ID#></string>
  1. Contact [email protected] and get a licence file authpack.java, then copy this file to project folder app/src/main/java/io/agora/rtcwithfu/authpack.java. Note this licence determines which FaceUnity functions/effects you are allowed to use.

Configure Agora SDK

Now the demo automatically imports Agora Video SDK from JCenter. By default you do not need to download Agora Video SDK anywhere else.

Capture and Rendering

This project uses a custom camera capture & rendering library app/libs/video-capturer.aar. If you want to know more about source code and how to use, please go to Here.

Contact Us

  • If you have questions, take a look at FAQ first
  • Dive into Agora SDK Samples to see more tutorials
  • Take a look at Agora Use Case for more complicated, real-world use cases
  • More projects maintained by community can be found at Agora Community
  • You can find full API documentation at Document Center
  • You can ask questions or see others' solutions in Stack Overflow
  • If you find a bug of this project, please post an issue here issue


The MIT License (MIT)

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