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Building Instagram from Scratch Using React, Tailwind CSS, Firebase (11+ Hour Tutorial Here: https://youtu.be/AKeaaa8yAAk)

💰 Extended paid version here (3 hours 30 mins extra): https://gum.co/react-instagram-clone

📣 Summary

This application (Instagram clone) was built using React (Custom Hooks, Context), Firebase & Tailwind CSS. I have built the following pages within this application: login, sign up, dashboard & lastly the user profile page. There are four different pages, some are public and some are private with auth listeners. Firebase firestore handles all the data, and that data is retrieved using a custom hook.

I used Tailwind CSS for this project and I really enjoyed using it. I used styled components in my previous project, but I have now converted all my projects to Tailwind CSS for ease of use. This will be my last project using Firebase as it's far too complex to use and far too complex to test (especially with Cypress). With Jest, it's also tedious to test Firebase as there's no great mocking library, so you end up just repeating yourself in the tests a lot.

💷 Extended Videos - Tailwind CSS Responsive, React Testing Library & Cypress Tests

If you're interested in the paid version of this course which includes making this application responsive and testing via React Testing Library and Cypress, you can find that here: https://gum.co/react-instagram-clone - a purchase shows your appreciation and allows me to spend more time making videos 🙌

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