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Key Links

Future Live Streams

I am trying as best I can to announce the next live streams in advance. If it's scheduled you can find the time and topics on the the official Coding Train website homepage. All times are in EDT and are subject to change! You can confirm the exact time by visiting The Coding Train Live. I typically add a specific time on YouTube in the morning.

Topics Under Consideration

I keep track of topics in this repo, but also a list of notes is here for me not to forget.

  • word2vec
  • K-means clustering?
  • Mappa p5 library (traveling sales on a map?)
  • boids coding challenge
  • Promises
  • Bayesian text classification
  • exec() with node (densecap with p5 and node?)
  • iTerm
  • Alexa skill
  • dialogflow

Add your own variation

If you want to share your own variation based on a Coding Train video, you can also do this by visiting the page corresponding to the video on our website. Check out the Community Contributions Guide to see how it's done. It will then be featured right under the video on the website for everyone to see!

Help adding new videos

We are currently in the process of migrating videos and community contributions to the new system. If you want to help with this, have a look at the Content Contribution Guide. Thanks for helping us out!

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