STM32F769 based board with different QSPI pins

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STM32F769 based board with different QSPI pins #1

Hi there --

We are working on a custom board using an STM32F769BI and might choose different pins for the QSPI flash.

I'm wondering how we would need to change proc qspi_init { } for it work on different pins?

Do we need to change other things as well?

Thanks for your help!


Hi Ladislas,

Using you can generate the needed code to put into qspi_init.

# Helper for generating GPIO setup for STM32F0, F4, F7, H7, L0, L1, L4, L4+
# and F1 (for 'stmqspi' and 'msoftspi' drivers).
# Each pin is configured by "PortAndBit:Conf:Speed"
#  'PortAndBit' specifies Port and bit number
#  'Conf' is one of 'AFx' (alternate), 'P' (output), 'IN' (input),
#    (each optionally by 'P' (push-pull) or 'O' (open-drain)),
#    (all optionally followed by 'UP' (pull-up), or 'DO' (pull-down))
#  'Speed' is one of 'L' (low), 'M' (medium), 'H' (high), 'V' (very high)
# Port configuration can be given on command line as a single string (pins separated by commas)
# or via CubeMX generated file. The latter must consist of the quadspi.c / octospi.c and the
# corresponding header. The precise spelling in these files doesn't seem to be consistent, though ...

in the same file you can find some examples:

# stm32f769i-disco
#$GPIO_BASE = 0x40020000;
#$Conf = "PB06:AF10:V, PB02:AF09:V, PC10:AF09:V, PC09:AF09:V, PD13:AF09:V, PE02:AF09:V";
# w/ msoftspi
#$Conf = "PB06:PP:M, PB02:PP:V, PD13:INUP:V, PE02:INUP:V, PC10:INUP:V, PC09:INUP:V, ";

PS: please consider creating a new cfg file with your change

Kind Regards, Tarek

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Thanks a lot @tarek-bochkati for the answer, I'll look into that! :)