A cmake delivery version of stanford library, specially patched for CSC3002 students in CUHK(SZ)

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A cmake deliver version of stanford library, specially patched for CSC3002 students in CUHK(SZ)


  • a new sync library is available now. it provides a mutex/rwlock with rust favor and a array queue and a segment queue.
  • All the sources are modified from stanford-cpp-library. The original author reserves the copyright.
  • We hope you can use a more elegant naming and organizing method. Hence instead of the orignal style like "gfont.h", we adapt a modularized way :<graphics/gfont.h>
  • The orginal stanford library mixes files in all modules and produces cyclic dependency relations, therefore, we have to produce to whole shared library, instead of multiple small libraries for each module.
  • The original version takes the advantage of qmake toolchain and make some renaming around main() function. Here, we want to seperate the library and user's code. Therefore, we do not use the library itself to do the renaming. Instead, users should write a entry function (say start) by themselves and include macro.h and call __WRAP_MAIN__(start) to invoke the library.
  • The backend of Map and HashMap has been migrated to absl::btree_map and absl::flat_hash_map to improve the performance. Vast functions in strlib.h has been refactored into wrappers aroundabsl to reduce the difficulty of maintenance. Char checking operation now uses std::memchr directly instead of self implementing. In most cases, you do not need to care about the changes: they do not require any manual interference on API.
  • We also bind the library with mimalloc, it is more efficient and it can output some debug messages for you, please check environment-options.