Standalone Hola proxy client

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Standalone Hola proxy client. Just run it and it'll start a plain HTTP proxy server forwarding traffic through Hola proxies of your choice. By default the application listens on

Application is capable to forward traffic via proxies in datacenters (flag -proxy-type direct, default) or via peer proxies on residental IPs (consumer ISP) in that country (flag -proxy-type lum).

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IPFS git mirror:

git clone https://ipfs.io/ipns/k51qzi5uqu5dkrgx0hozpy1tlggw5o0whtquyrjlc6pprhvbmczr6qtj4ocrv0 hola-proxy


  • Cross-platform (Windows/Mac OS/Linux/Android (via shell)/*BSD)
  • Uses TLS for secure communication with upstream proxies
  • Zero configuration
  • Simple and straight forward



Pre-built binaries are available here.

Don't forget to make file executable on Unix-like systems (Linux, MacOS, *BSD, Android). For your convenience rename downloaded file to hola-proxy and run within directory where you placed it:

chmod +x hola-proxy

Build from source

Alternatively, you may install hola-proxy from source. Run the following within the source directory:

make install


A docker image is available as well. Here is an example of running hola-proxy via DE as a background service:

docker run -d \
    --security-opt no-new-privileges \
    -p \
    --restart unless-stopped \
    --name hola-proxy \
    yarmak/hola-proxy -country de

Snap Store

Get it from the Snap Store

sudo snap install hola-proxy


List available countries:

$ ./hola-proxy -list-countries
ar - Argentina
at - Austria
au - Australia
be - Belgium
bg - Bulgaria
br - Brazil
ca - Canada
ch - Switzerland
cl - Chile
co - Colombia
cz - Czech Republic
de - Germany
dk - Denmark
es - Spain
fi - Finland
fr - France
gb - United Kingdom (Great Britain)
gr - Greece
hk - Hong Kong
hr - Croatia
hu - Hungary
id - Indonesia
ie - Ireland
il - Israel
in - India
is - Iceland
it - Italy
jp - Japan
kr - Korea, Republic of
mx - Mexico
nl - Netherlands
no - Norway
nz - New Zealand
pl - Poland
ro - Romania
ru - Russian Federation
se - Sweden
sg - Singapore
sk - Slovakia
tr - Turkey
uk - United Kingdom
us - United States of America

Run proxy via country of your choice:

$ ./hola-proxy -country de

Or run proxy on residential IP:

$ ./hola-proxy -proxy-type lum

Also it is possible to export proxy addresses and credentials:

$ ./hola-proxy -country de -list-proxies -limit 3
Login: user-uuid-0a67c797b3214cbdb432b089c4b801cd
Password: cd123c465901
Proxy-Authorization: basic dXNlci11dWlkLTBhNjdjNzk3YjMyMTRjYmRiNDMyYjA4OWM0YjgwMWNkOmNkMTIzYzQ2NTkwMQ==


List of arguments

Argument Type Description
bind-address String HTTP proxy address to listen to (default "")
cafile String use custom CA certificate bundle file
country String desired proxy location (default "us")
dont-use-trial - use regular ports instead of trial ports
force-port-field Number force specific port field/num (example 24232 or lum)
limit Unsigned Integer (Number) amount of proxies in retrieved list (default 3)
list-countries String list available countries and exit
list-proxies - output proxy list and exit
proxy String sets base proxy to use for all dial-outs. Format: <http|https|socks5|socks5h>://[login:[email protected]]host[:port] Examples: http://user:[email protected]:3128, socks5://
proxy-type String proxy type (Datacenter: direct) (Residential: lum) (default "direct")
resolver String DNS/DoH/DoT resolver to workaround Hola blocked hosts. See https://github.com/ameshkov/dnslookup/ for upstream DNS URL format. (default "https://cloudflare-dns.com/dns-query")
rotate Duration rotate user ID once per given period (default 1h0m0s)
timeout Duration timeout for network operations (default 10s)
verbosity Number logging verbosity (10 - debug, 20 - info, 30 - warning, 40 - error, 50 - critical) (default 20)

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