Monorepo for the TeamUp Student Portal for E-Cell

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TeamUp is an event conducted by Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Madras. The purpose of the event is to connect students with budding startups and collaborative projects. This portal was made to accompany the event. There were around 433 registrations through this portal.

Portal Functionality

Students can use the portal Student Dashboard and get notified about selections. Mentors (which are preloaded in the database) can login and see who all have applied for their projects (which are also hardcoded in the database), shortlist and select them.

This repo is part of bigger repo that can't be made public. This monorepo only consists of the Students' part (called the Student Dashboard and acccompanying login and register functionalities) which was coded by me. The total project was made by me and a colleague.

Main operations of the Student dashboard include:

  • Registering (with email verification).
  • Logging In (with a Forgot Password feature).
  • Editing info (including password).
  • Uploading and updating profile image and CV.
  • Browsing and applying for projects.


Total Website Map for TeamUp. This monorepo consists only the Student Dashboard, Login and Register sections.

Frontend (React):

  • Ant Design component library
  • Redux and React Redux
  • React Router
  • Axios

Backend (Node.js):

  • Express as web framework.
  • MongoDB as Database. Mongoose as ORM.


  • AWS S3 for file storage. Files uploaded directly to S3 bucket from the client side via POST requests.

Local Development

  • In the backend folder:
    • Fill up the template.env file and rename it to .env.
    • Install everything with npm install
    • Start the server with nodemon (if you have it installed globally) or node index.js
  • In the frontend folder:
    • Install everything with yarn
    • Start the React dev server with yarn start

P.S. The ResponseUtils.js, DBUtils.js and ErrorCodes.js are part of the bigger repository I talked about earlier and are not coded by me.

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