Flower - A Friendly Federated Learning Framework

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Flower - A Friendly Federated Learning Framework

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Flower (flwr) is a framework for building federated learning systems. The design of Flower is based on a few guiding principles:

  • Customizable: Federated learning systems vary wildly from one use case to another. Flower allows for a wide range of different configurations depending on the needs of each individual use case.

  • Extendable: Flower originated from a research project at the Univerity of Oxford, so it was build with AI research in mind. Many components can be extended and overridden to build new state-of-the-art systems.

  • Framework-agnostic: Different machine learning frameworks have different strengths. Flower can be used with any machine learning framework, for example, PyTorch, TensorFlow, PyTorch Lightning, MXNet, scikit-learn, TFLite, or even raw NumPy for users who enjoy computing gradients by hand.

  • Understandable: Flower is written with maintainability in mind. The community is encouraged to both read and contribute to the codebase.

Meet the Flower community on flower.dev!


Flower Docs:

Flower Usage Examples

A number of examples show different usage scenarios of Flower (in combination with popular machine learning frameworks such as PyTorch or TensorFlow). To run an example, first install the necessary extras:

Usage Examples Documentation

Quickstart examples:

Other examples:

Flower Baselines / Datasets

Experimental - curious minds can take a peek at baselines.


If you publish work that uses Flower, please cite Flower as follows:

  title={Flower: A Friendly Federated Learning Research Framework},
  author={Beutel, Daniel J and Topal, Taner and Mathur, Akhil and Qiu, Xinchi and Parcollet, Titouan and Lane, Nicholas D},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:2007.14390},

Please also consider adding your publication to the list of Flower-based publications in the docs, just open a Pull Request.

Contributing to Flower

We welcome contributions. Please see CONTRIBUTING.md to get started!

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