Update ReadMe file to specify a react-native-reanimated version

Posted 4 months ago

Update ReadMe file to specify a react-native-reanimated version #3800

Version 4.3.1

Tell us which versions you are using:

  • react-native-router-flux v4.3.1
  • react v17.0.1
  • react-native v0.64.0

Expected behaviour

On the list of dependencies used by this library on the ReadMe file, there is no specific version to use related to react-native-reanimated library so when you try to use router flux for the navigation and add a drawer, starts to fail because react-navigation uses methods from react-native-reanimeted v1.

If you use the commands to install the dependencies writted on the readme the app starts to crash (because the last version of react-native-reanimated is installed, but the code of react-navigation uses methods from the old version).

Actual behaviour

Adding a drawer navigator to the app wouldn't crash it

Steps to reproduce

For non-obvious bugs, please fork this component, modify Example project to reproduce your issue and include link here.

  1. Install the repo and the dependencies with the commands on the ReadMe file
  2. Add a drawer to the navigation
  3. Run it

The actual solution to this is just downgrade the react-native-reanimated version to 1.13.3.

More than a issue is a way to advertise to others developers of this problem, and a reminder to update the library when the people behind react-navigation changes the old methods of react-native-reanimated.

PD: https://github.com/react-navigation/react-navigation/issues/9857