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This is a mirror of http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=2627

= Sites =

exVim official site:       http://www.ex-dev.com/projects/exvim/wiki
exVim github:             http://github.com/jwu/exvim/
exVim google code:    http://code.google.com/p/exvim/

= Overview =


= Introduction =

-- What is exVim ? --

exVim is a package intgerate ex-vim-plugins, 3rd-vim-plugins and external-tools for developing.
By solving the complex communication problem among plugins, external tools, the exVim make
the vim as an IDE like environment all in vimscript.

-- What can exVim do ? --

With exVim you can:

* use one single file ``your_project.vimentry`` to access your project.
* update tags, IDs and other things you used in your project in one command.
* browse project files in project window.
* search files, tags, and words in source code by the builtin method.
* a powful way to filter search result.
* trace your code by jump stack.
* reading code easily by word highlight and macro highlight.
* view classes hierarchy pictures.
* compile project in vc/gcc and get error results from them directly through vim.
* enhanced quick-fix window.
* communicate with visual studio --- get build errors, open files, add break point and send command make vs.net 
compiling current file.

-- Usage --

The exVim use ``your_project.vimentry`` file as the entry of a project. When you put this
file in the root directory of the project, and open it by vim, ex-vim-plugins will awared
and do the rest of the work to help you generate tags, symbols, IDs and other things
could be used in your project.

When edit a project, exVim provides several method to help you locate the code, get global
seach results, also an easy and powerful way to filter the search result!

-- Compatible --

exVim is compatible with your original vim. The exVim is nothing but several vim-plugins,
there are not too much reasons make it unable to work in your vim.

-- Small, Fast and Stable --

The principle for solving problem in exVim are:

# try to interact with user dynamically.
# if the dynamic interactive sufferred performance issue, go for static method.
# try the best to fulfill a demand in vimscript.
# if it can't, try the best to fulfill the demand by external tools.
# if it still can't, try the best to preprocess the result and return to rule No.1

exVim is designed to follow this principle which make it small, fast and stable.

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