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PHP: The Right Way


This is the GitHub Pages repository for the PHP: The Right Way project.

  • This website is a Jekyll project.
  • Each section and sub-section are a Markdown file in _posts/.
  • Sub-sections have isChild: true in their front matter.
  • The navigation and page structure are automatically generated.

Spread the Word!

PHP: The Right Way has web banner images you can use on your website. Show your support, and let new PHP developers know where to find good information!

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How to Contribute

You should read the CONTRIBUTING.md file for precise instructions and tips. But, if you prefer a TL;DR:

  1. Fork and edit
  2. Optionally install Ruby with Jekyll gem to preview locally
  3. Submit pull request for consideration

Contributor Style Guide

  1. Use American English spelling (primary English repo only).
  2. Use four (4) spaces to indent text; do not use tabs.
  3. Wrap all text to 120 characters.
  4. Code samples should adhere to PSR-1 or higher.




If you are interested in translating PHP: The Right Way, fork this repo on GitHub and publish your localized fork to your own GitHub Pages account. We'll link to your translation from the primary document.

To avoid fragmentation and reader confusion, please choose one of these options:

  1. We link to your GitHub Pages fork with [username].github.io/php-the-right-way
  2. We link to your GitHub Pages fork with a subdomain (e.g. "ru.phptherightway.com")

If you use a subdomain, enter the subdomain into the CNAME file, and ask us to setup DNS for you. If you do not use a subdomain, remove the CNAME file entirely else your fork will not build when pushed.

Add information about your translation in the wiki page.

When your translation is ready, open an issue on the Issue Tracker to let us know.


There's been a lot of discussion lately about how the PHP community lacks sufficient, credible information for programmers new to PHP. This repository aims to solve this problem.


My name is Josh Lockhart. I'm the author of the Slim Framework, and I work for New Media Campaigns.



Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License