can not import semantic-ui-css/components/button.css

Posted 4 years ago

can not import semantic-ui-css/components/button.css #1341

Hi recently I update my webpack and add loader for my app my problem occurs when trying to import CSS in component js files like this component or any other component from semantic-ui-css


add this CSS loader but it's not working and I don't have any error is my webpack config please help

    test: /\.(css)$/,
    loader: extractStyles.extract({
        fallback: 'style-loader',
        use: [
            loader: 'css-loader',
            options: {
              sourceMap: project.sourcemaps,
              minimize: {
                autoprefixer: {
                  add: true,
                  remove: true,
                  browsers: ['last 2 versions'],
                discardComments: {
                  removeAll : true,
                discardUnused: false,
                mergeIdents: false,
                reduceIdents: false,
                safe: true,
                sourcemap: project.sourcemaps,