TYPO3 gallery extension based on pure flexform and fluid setup

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Maintainer needed!

It has been a long time working on TYPO3 but I now its time to quit. I don't have any further projects in TYPO3 any longer so its for me not realistic to provide any more support on this package. please send me a PM if someone wants to take over this project.

TYPO3 extension Galleria - includes image and video gallery based on flux

What is it?

A fully featured image and video gallery oriented Fluid Content Elements written with the help of EXT: 'flux'. The JavaScript framework is build by the team of http://galleria.io/

What does it do?

Provides the template files and TypoScript setup necessary to use the gallery element. Galleria is a pure JavaScript image gallery solution for the web and mobile devices.

How does it do it?

Its mainly flux configuration which gets transformed into flexform - this enables use of specially constructed Fluid templates as content elements, much like the Flexible Content Elements concept from TemplaVoila.

How is it installed?

Download, install the extension and include the static TypoScript configuration.

How is it used?

After installation and inclusion of the static TypoScript, the included content elements will be available as new content element inside of 'Fluid Content Element' tab.

Add a new Content element and adjust the look and feel with the large set of configuration options.

Check out all options

All docs for customization of the gallery can be found at http://galleria.io/docs/ - the gallery framework, on which this project is based on.



This project is an open source project sponsored by JetBrains.

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