OnionFruit™ Connect - Tor access client with country, bridge and (experimental) DNS support

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OnionFruit™ Connect

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OnionFruit™ Connect is a free utility that allows users to connect to the Tor network with minimal effort. Taking a similar form to a VPN program, it's easy to use and gives the user maximum control. Acting as a system proxy, the majority of programs will also be able to connect without much further configuration (including web browsers!).

Changelogs are published on the DragonFruit Site


  • Simple design
  • No admin elevation needed for most features
  • [Experimental with compatibility warnings] DNS-over-Tor (including .onion sites)
  • Custom traffic entry/exit country (US, GB, ES, etc.)
  • Auto start on Windows login
  • Custom launch pages
  • Discord Game Status
  • Standard, obfs4, meek and snowflake Bridge Support
  • Regular updates with bug fixes, performance improvements and new features

Getting Started

Refer to the quickstart wiki article if you're unsure how to get up and running.

Releases can be found under the releases tab on this repo

Bugs, Issues, Feature Requests and Queries

In the event the program fails to operate normally (and crashes) we should receive a report (with nothing identifiable inside) allowing us to fix the issue. If you keep experiencing issues (or want to ask a question/request a feature), feel free to create an issue and we'll get back to you ASAP.


OnionFruit™ Connect is a closed-source program. One of the reasons for this is because we use proprietary assembles to create our UI (Telerik/PostSharp). We can't share these so there is not much point in disclosing the majority of the source with the aim to allow people to improve the app (we also don't want similar versions of the app flooding the market). Because of this, people are free to open issues with feature requests (as stated above) and they can be discussed and planned if there is a high enough demand for them.

You can find the license for the main OnionFruit™ Program in this repo (we assume that if you are using the app you agree to the terms laid out in the license file)

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