The automated release is failing 🚨

Posted 7 months ago

The automated release is failing 🚨 #1

:rotating_light: The automated release from the main branch failed. :rotating_light:

I recommend you give this issue a high priority, so other packages depending on you can benefit from your bug fixes and new features again.

You can find below the list of errors reported by semantic-release. Each one of them has to be resolved in order to automatically publish your package. I’m sure you can fix this 💪.

Errors are usually caused by a misconfiguration or an authentication problem. With each error reported below you will find explanation and guidance to help you to resolve it.

Once all the errors are resolved, semantic-release will release your package the next time you push a commit to the main branch. You can also manually restart the failed CI job that runs semantic-release.

If you are not sure how to resolve this, here are some links that can help you:

If those don’t help, or if this issue is reporting something you think isn’t right, you can always ask the humans behind semantic-release.

No npm token specified.

An npm token must be created and set in the NPM_TOKEN environment variable on your CI environment.

Please make sure to create an npm token and to set it in the NPM_TOKEN environment variable on your CI environment. The token must allow to publish to the registry

Good luck with your project ✨

Your semantic-release bot :package::rocket: