Add attranslate to internationalization

Posted 1 year ago

Add attranslate to internationalization #1165


I was disappointed by paid tools like BabelEdit, which is why I wrote the free tool attranslate: (semi-automated translation for JSON and other file-formats) attranslate is not a replacement for packages like react-i18next, but a complementary tool.

However, attranslate is not a component, but a pure command-line tool. Therefore, it is not entirely clear to which section attranslate belongs. In fact, I would propose to create a new section "Internationalization" that contains some of the following tools:

  • react-intl - Internationalize React apps
  • react-i18next - Internationalization for React done right
  • attranslate - Semi-automated translation for JSON and other file-formats

I would submit a PR if we agree on something.

Created 1 year ago

@enaqx are there any specific criteria that need to be met? In light of 77 open PRs, I am not sure whether a PR has any chance of being merged.