A very aggressive filter-list that consolidates over 370 lists for use in AdGuard Home, Pi-Hole or similar.

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Filterlist for AdGuard or Pi-Hole 🖥💟🛡

🧊 This repository is no longer maintained and is archived (no more commits)


Very Important News (as of September 30, 2021)

I've made the decision to sunset this repository at the end of September 2021.

Thanks to all who have used this repo 👍

Those who use AdGuard Home may wish to check out: https://github.com/hl2guide/AdGuard-Home-Whitelist

I've personally moved my set up to a "block all then manually whitelist" solution. It locally uses AdGuard Home far more efficiently and directly.

What I've done:

  • modified the script to be more friendly and easier to run
  • open sourced the generator (PowerShell and Python based) for the public
  • commited up until September 30, 2021 and then stopped
  • archived it and will no longer commit to it (no more updates)

My assessment of this repo is that it:

  • is too large
  • has a wide hit-and-miss ratio
  • makes AdGuard Home use too much RAM
  • makes manually adding whitelisted sites slow or not apply
  • takes too long to generate
  • is not the right approach

and that it simply doesn't meet modern requirements.


This is a very aggressive filter-list that consolidates over 370 lists.

Supported Software Official Site Source Code
🛡 AdGuard Home official site source code
🕳 Pi-Hole official site source code
🕵️‍♀️ DNSCrypt Proxy official site source code
🔐 SecureDNS none source code
👨‍💻 Technitium DNS Server official site source code


  • Includes AdGuard's official AdGuardSDNSFilter
  • Contains only domains (some with wildcards) and IP addresses (as of v2.57)
  • Cleaned, sorted, with duplicates removed
  • Updates about every six hours
  • Not "set and forget"

What it Blocks 👁‍

Threats Annoyances Privacy Invaders
botnets advertisements affiliates
crypto-lockers enrichments analytics
data miners fake sites invasive telemetry
drug sales social media junk trackers
fake news spam some CDNs
phishing sites suspicious sites widgets
ransomware sites typosquatting
scam sites
shock sites

Focus 🔍

This repository focuses on the following overall tenants:

Tenant Outcome
Blocks Social Media Blocks distractions, time-wasters and nonsense on the internet
Blocks Trackers and Ads Blocks privacy invading aspects of major services
Blocks Security Concerns Blocks some corporation domains (Adobe, Xiaomi etc)
Provides Personal Freedom Does not block websites of an "adult nature"

Please Note: Naturally this is a balancing act. At times this list will be more restrictive than you might like.

Please configure a manual whitelist.

More 📚

Credits ☺️

Full credit for the actual blocking ability goes to original list creators and maintainers.

Thanks so much for their tireless work! 😃

Filter Lists 🗂️

The included lists are listed: here.

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