Markdown editor for react, developed by jsx and typescript, dark theme、beautify content by prettier、render articles directly、paste or clip the picture and upload it...

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Markdown editor for react, developed by jsx and typescript.

  • Documentation and demo:Go

  • Use it online:Go

  • The same series editor for vue3:md-editor-v3


  • Toolbar, screenfull or screenfull in web pages and so on.
  • Themes, Built-in default and dark themes.
  • Shortcut key for editor.
  • Beautify your content by prettier(only for markdown content, not the code and other text).
  • Multi-language, build-in Chinese and English(default: Chinese).
  • Upload picture, paste or clip the picture and upload it.
  • Render article directly(no editor,no event listener, only preview content).
  • Preview themes, support defalutvuepressgithub styles(not identical).

More features are developing, if you have some ideas or find issues, please tell it to me~


Default theme Dark theme Preview only



name type default description
modelValue String '' Markdown content
theme 'light' | 'dark' 'light' Change editor theme
editorClass String ''
hljs Object null Highlight instance, editor will not insert script of it, but you need to import highlight code style by yourself
highlightJs String [email protected] HighlightJs url
highlightCss String [email protected] Highlight code style
historyLength Number 10 The max length of history(if it is too big, editor will use more RAM)
pageFullScreen Boolean false Screenfull in web page
preview Boolean true Preview content in editor
htmlPreview Boolean false Preview html in editor
previewOnly Boolean false Only render article content, no toolbar, no edit area
language String 'zh-CN' Build-in language('zh-CN','en-US')
languageUserDefined Object {key: StaticTextDefaultValue} Expand language,update language api to your key
toolbars Array [toolbars] Show some item of toolbars,all keyssee toolbars below
toolbarsExclude Array [] Don't show some item of toolbars,all keystoolbars
prettier Boolean true Use prettier to beautify content or not
prettierCDN String [email protected]
prettierMDCDN String [email protected]
cropperCss String [email protected] Cropper css url
cropperJs String [email protected] Cropper js url
iconfontJs String iconfont Icon url
editorId String md-editor-rt Editor id, also the html id, it is used when there are more than two editors
tabWidth Number 2 One tab eq some space
showCodeRowNumber Boolean false Show row number for code block or not
screenfull Object null Screenfull instance, editor will not insert script of it
screenfullJs String [email protected] Screenfull js url
previewTheme 'default' | 'github' | 'vuepress' 'default' Preview themes
style CSSProperties {} Editor's inline style



You can sort the toolbar as you like, split tools by '-', the left and right toolbars are divided by '='

Expand language,you need to replace all the content here:


export interface StaticTextDefaultValue {
  // Toolbar hover tips(html title)
  toolbarTips?: ToolbarTips;
  // h1-h6 dropdown menu item
  titleItem?: {
    h1?: string;
    h2?: string;
    h3?: string;
    h4?: string;
    h5?: string;
    h6?: string;
  imgTitleItem?: {
    link: string;
    upload: string;
    clip2upload: string;
  // The modal tips of add link or upload picture
  linkModalTips?: {
    title?: string;
    descLable?: string;
    descLablePlaceHolder?: string;
    urlLable?: string;
    UrlLablePlaceHolder?: string;
    buttonOK?: string;
  // The modal tips of clip the picture
  clipModalTips?: {
    title?: string;
    buttonUpload?: string;
  // Copy code tips
  copyCode?: {
    text?: string;
    tips?: string;


name type description
onChange (v: string) => void Content changed event(bind to oninput of textarea)
onSave (v: string) => void Save Content event,ctrl+sand click button will trigger
onUploadImg (files: FileList, callback: function) => void Upload picture event,when picture is uploading the modal will not close,please provide right urls to the callback function
onHtmlChanged (h: string) => void Compile markdown successful event,you can use it to get the html code
onGetCatalog (list: HeadList[]) => void Get catalogue of article
markedHeading (text: string,level: 1-6,raw: string, slugger: Slugger) => string marked head renderer methods
markedHeadingId (text: string, level: number) => string title ID generator

If markedHeading is overridden, be sure to tell the editor the algorithm for generating the title ID by marketheadingid.

Shortcut key

key function description
TAB insert space Insert space, the length eq tabWidth, default: 2, support multiline
SHIFT + TAB delete space, setting is the same as Tab
CTRL + C copy When selected, copy the selected content. When not selected, copy the content of the current line
CTRL + X shear When selected, cut the selected content. When not selected, cut the current line
CTRL + D delete When selected, delete the selected content. When not selected, delete the current line
CTRL + S save Trigger onSave event
CTRL + B bold text **bold**
CTRL + U underline <u>underline</u>
CTRL + I italic *italic*
CTRL + 1-6 h1-h6 # title
CTRL + ↑ superscript <sup>superscript</sup>
CTRL + ↓ subscript <sub>subscript</sub>
CTRL + Q quote > quote
CTRL + O ordered list 1. ordered list
CTRL + L link [link](https://github.com/imzbf/md-editor-v3)
CTRL + Z withdraw Withdraw history in editor, not the function of system
CTRL + SHIFT + S line-through ~line-through~
CTRL + SHIFT + U unordered list - unordered list
CTRL + SHIFT + C code block
CTRL + SHIFT + I picture ![picture](https://imbf.cc)
CTRL + SHIFT + Z forward Forward history in editor, not the function of system
CTRL + SHIFT + F Beautify
CTRL + ALT + C code row
CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + T table |table|

Simple demo

Jsx module

import { useState } from 'react';
import Editor from 'md-editor-rt';
import 'md-editor-rt/lib/style.css';

export default function App() {
  const [text, setText] = useState('hello md-editor-rt!');

  return (
      onChange={(modelValue) => {

Upload picture

Tips:When you paste and upload GIF,it will upload a static picture. So you should upload it by file system!

async onUploadImg(files: FileList, callback: (urls: string[]) => void) {
  const res = await Promise.all(
    Array.from(files).map((file) => {
      return new Promise((rev, rej) => {
        const form = new FormData();
        form.append('file', file);

          .post('/api/img/upload', form, {
            headers: {
              'Content-Type': 'multipart/form-data'
          .then((res) => rev(res))
          .catch((error) => rej(error));

  callback(res.map((item: any) => item.data.url));
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