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awesome-kubectl-plugins Awesome PRs Welcome

A curated list of awesome kubectl plugins inspired by the awesome list.

If you see a link that isn't a good fit, you can fix it by submitting a pull request to help improve the list. Likewise, if you'd like to add or fix something, click the README.md file to edit and submit a pull request. Thank you!

What are kubectl plugins?

Since version 1.12, kubectl includes a plugin mechanism that allows you to extend kubectl with custom commands. Extending kubectl with plugins greatly enhances the productivity while using the CLI.


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Use awesome-kubectl-plugins as a Custom Index via Krew

A notable feature custom index was added in krew's v0.4.0 release. This means you can now use custom indexes of your own to install the plugins via krew.

Was you plugin not accepted in default krew-index due to some reasons? No issues, you can still use that plugin manifest in your custom index and install it via krew.

Now, awesome-kubectl-plugins is not just a list of awesome kubectl plugins (without any centralised control), you can actually use this to add your own plugins like you did for krew-index and install them locally. 🚀

Note: This does not mean you can install plugins without a valid plugins.yaml for your plugin. You still need to have a plugin manifest.

How to add your plugin to awesome-kubectl-plugins

  • Add your plugin's name, description and category to the below kubectl Plugins list.
  • Add plugin-name.yaml manifest to ./plugins directory.
  • And, you're done.

Installing plugins via awesome-kubectl-plugins

  • Add the custom index to krew:
    $ kubectl krew index add awesome-kubectl-plugins https://github.com/ishantanu/awesome-kubectl-plugins.git
  • Install a plugin from the custom index by running:
    kubectl krew install awesome-kubectl-plugins/access-matrix

kubectl Plugins

No. Plugin Description Category
1 rakkess Review Access - kubectl plugin to show an access matrix for k8s server resources RBAC
2 kubectl-who-can Show who has RBAC permissions to perform actions on different resources in Kubernetes RBAC
3 kubectl-lint A kubectl plugin to perform linting Linting
4 kubectl-neat Clean up Kuberntes yaml and json output to make it readable Linting
5 ksort Sort manifest files in a proper order by Kind Linting
6 kubectl-debug Debug your pod by a new container with every troubleshooting tools pre-installed Debugging
7 kube-profefe continuous profiling made easy in Kubernetes with profefe Debugging
8 ksniff Kubectl plugin to ease sniffing on kubernetes pods using tcpdump and wireshark Networking
9 kubectl-swiftnp A kubectl plugin for rendering details of Network Policies. Networking
10 kubectl-trace Schedule bpftrace programs on your kubernetes cluster using the kubectl Networking
11 kubectl-capture A kubectl plugin which triggers a Sysdig capture https://sysdig.com/opensource/inspect/ Networking
12 kubectl-plugin-pvc A simple kubectl binary plugin for PVC operations Storage
13 kubectl-dfi List and show disk resources of images on Kubernetes nodes. Storage
14 kubectl-unbound-pvc List and show disk resources of images on Kubernetes nodes. Storage
15 kubectl-df-pv giving admins df (disk free) like utility for persistent volumes Storage
16 kubectl-sudo Run kubernetes commands with the security privileges of another user Security
17 outdated Find and report outdated images running in a Kubernetes cluster Security
18 kubectl-kubesec Security risk analysis for Kubernetes resources https://kubesec.io Security
19 kubectl-enter Exec into node via kubectl Exec
20 kubectl-cssh A kubectl plugin to ssh into Kubernetes nodes within separate tmux panes Exec
21 kubectl-iexec Kubectl plugin to interactively exec into a pod Exec
22 kubectl-ssh A kubectl plugin to ssh into a pod's node Exec
23 kubectl-kcn A script and kubectl plugin which makes it easier to ssh into nodes within your cluster. Exec
24 duyguserbest kubectl-iexec A script and kubectl plugin which makes it easier to ssh into nodes within your cluster. Exec
25 kubectl-exec-all kubectl plugin to execute a command in all running pods of a resource. Exec
26 kubectl-nsenter Simple kubectl plugin to take pod name, SSH onto node and spawn an nsenter shell Exec
27 kvaps kubectl-ssh Tiny plugin for connecting to node in the cluster over SSH Exec
28 kubectl-warp Kubernetes CLI plugin for syncing and executing local files in Pod on Kubernetes Exec
29 kubectl-plugin-ssh-jump A kubectl plugin to SSH into Kubernetes nodes using a SSH jump host Pod Exec
30 kubectl-texec Attach to the pod matching the label with Tmux Exec
31 kubectl-dig Deep kubernetes visibility from the kubectl Visibility
32 kubectl-utility Utility tool for observing k8s resources. Visibility
33 kubectl-graph A kubectl plugin to visualize Kubernetes resources and relationships. Visibility
34 kubectl-tree A kubectl plugin to browse Kubernetes object hierarchies as a tree Visibility
35 kubectl-topology A kubectl plugin that provides insight into the topology of a Kubernetes cluster. Visibility
36 Pod-Dive A kubectl plugin to dive into your Kubernetes nodes pods, and inspect them. Visibility
37 kubectl-dashboard Instantly get a Kubernetes dashboard Visibility
38 kubelogin kubectl plugin for Kubernetes OpenID Connect authentication (kubectl oidc-login) Authn/Authz
39 k8s-pixy-auth k8s plugin to authenticate against an OIDC compatible issuer using PKCE (pixy) flow Authn/Authz
40 kubectl-login Kubectl plugin for re-authenticate into OpenID Connect Provider via CLI Authn/Authz
41 zjj2wry kubectl-login The kubectl plugin is used to login to the kubernetes cluster by oidc authentication. Authn/Authz
42 kubectl-pass kubectl plugin for integration with pass (the standard unix password manager) Authn/Authz
43 kubectl-ssm-secret A kubectl plugin to allow import/export of kubernetes secrets to/from AWS SSM Parameter Store path. Secrets
44 kubectl-decode-secret A kubectl plugin to decode Kubernetes secrets Secrets
45 kubectl-gopass Plugin for kubectl to support reading and writing secrets directly from/to gopass Secrets
46 kubectl-modify-secret kubectl-modify-secrets allows user to directly modify the secret without worrying about base64 encoding/decoding Secrets
47 weibeld kubectl-ctx A kubectl plugin for interactively changing the kubeconfig context Context/Namespace Switching
48 weibeld kubectl-ns A kubectl plugin for interactively switching between namespaces in your cluster Context/Namespace Switching
49 postfinance kubectl-ctx Simple kubectl plugin to display/switch contexts Context/Namespace Switching
50 kubectl-select-context light kubectl plugin that prompts user to select config context Context/Namespace Switching
51 kubectl-use Plugin for simple switch kubernetes contexts and namespaces Context/Namespace Switching
52 kubectx Switch faster between clusters and namespaces in kubectl https://kubectx.dev Context/Namespace Switching
53 kubectl-ns Simple kubectl plugin to display/switch namespaces Context/Namespace Switching
54 kubectl-use Plugin for simple switch kubernetes contexts and namespaces Context/Namespace Switching
55 kubectl-switch Kubernetes multi-cluster command-line management tool Context/Namespace Switching
56 caas-one kubectl-switch Kubernetes multi-cluster command-line management tool Context/Namespace Switching
57 juanvallejo kubectl-ns Quickly view or change the current namespace via kubectl Context/Namespace Switching
58 km EKS MFA kubeconfig management tool. Thin wrapper for kubectl. Context/Namespace Switching
59 ketall Like kubectl get all, but get really all resources Resource CRUDs
60 kubectl-grep Filter Kubernetes resources by matching their names Resource CRUDs
61 kubectl-all kubectl plugin to list all resources in given namespace Resource CRUDs
62 kubectl-watch Watches Kubernetes resources Resource CRUDs
63 kubectl-custom-cols a kubectl plugin that help you customize output columns like a boss ! Resource CRUDs
64 kubepod Search pods faster in kubectl Resource CRUDs
65 kubectl-resources Plugin to access Kubernetes resource requests, limits, and usage. Resource CRUDs
66 kubectl-free Show various requested resources on Kubernetes nodes Resource CRUDs
67 kubectl-match-name regex matching for resource names Resource CRUDs
68 kubectl-eksporter A simple Ruby-script to export k8s resources Resource CRUDs
69 kube-capacity A simple CLI that provides an overview of the resource requests, limits, and utilization in a Kubernetes cluster Resource CRUDs
70 kubectl-rotate-pods kubectl plugin to easily restart all pods of a deployment Resource CRUDs
71 kubectl-terminate kubectl-terminate, a kubectl plugin to remove finalizers and finally delete k8s resources Resource CRUDs
72 kubectl-extension-versions Filter Kubernetes resources by matching their names Controller/Operator
73 kudo A kubectl plugin to use kudo via kubectl CLI Controller/Operator
74 ipick A kubectl wrapper for interactive resource selection Controller/Operator
75 kubectl-tmux-logs A kubectl plugin to display container logs within separate tmux panes Logging
76 kubectl-clogs kubectl plugin to follow logs of multiple running pods Logging
77 kubectl-mtail Kubectl helper to get logs from multiple pods Logging
78 kubectl-open-svc-plugin kubectl open-svc plugin makes services accessible via their ClusterIP from outside your cluster Uncategorized
79 kubectl-doctor k8s cluster triage plugin - scan your cluster for anomalies (brew doctor equivalent) Uncategorized
80 kubectl-view-serviceaccount-kubeconfig-plugin A kubectl plugin that show a kubeconfig to access the apiserver with a specified serviceaccount. Uncategorized
81 unfork Kubectl plugin to find forked Helm Charts and other K8s resources and unfork them https://www.unfork.io Uncategorized
82 kubectl-config-merge A kubectl plugin for merging multiple kubeconfig files. A cli-runtime example. Uncategorized
83 konfig konfig helps to merge, split or import kubeconfig files Uncategorized
84 kubectlsafe Safe operations in kubectl with plugin kubectlsafe Uncategorized
85 kubectl-rainbow Simple binary to colorize output. Uncategorized
86 kubectl-ansible An ansible dynamic inventory plugin for kubernetes cluster nodes Uncategorized
87 kubectl-server-version A kubectl plugin for rendering the Kubernetes server version. Uncategorized
88 kubectl-config-cleanup A kubectl plugin for automatically cleaning up your kubeconfig Uncategorized
89 kubectl-gitlab-bootstrap Quickly add a Kubernetes cluster to a GitLab project Uncategorized
90 kubectl-captain kubectl plugin for captain Uncategorized
91 kubectl preflight Preflight Checks and Support Bundles Framework for Kubernetes Applications https://troubleshoot.sh Uncategorized
92 kubectl support-bundle Preflight Checks and Support Bundles Framework for Kubernetes Applications https://troubleshoot.sh Uncategorized
93 kubectl-virt-plugin Holds all scripts to create packages and manifest file required for publishing the virtctl binary as a krew package for kubectl. Uncategorized
94 kcf A CLI tool providing you with status & configuration of a Kubernetes cluster fleet Uncategorized
95 kubepug Kubernetes PreUpGrade (Checker) Uncategorized
96 kubectl view-secret Decode Kubernetes secrets Secrets
97 kubectl-cilium A kubectl plugin for interacting with Cilium. Networking
98 kubectl-carbonetes-scan Integrates container analysis directly into your cluster. Container Security
99 kubectl-cyclonus Analyze, explain, and probe network policies. Networking
100 kubectl-view-webhook Visualize your webhook configurations Visibility
101 kubectl-translate Helps migrate your app to run on Kubernetes. Generates K8s yamls, Helm chart, Operator, CI/CD pipeline, Kustomize overlays, etc. Migration

Collection of kubectl plugins

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