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Name: James Wan

Major: Computer Science

Email address: [email protected]

Link to the main repository

Link to the guessing game repository

Link to the website repository

Link to the digital clock repository

Link to the recipe app repository

Link to the website

Link to the digital clock

Link to the guessing game

Link to the recipe app

Change Log

Week 1

  • I added files of computer languages with codes. I used them to practice creating codes whether its classes or styles in order to master or become familiar with the various languages.
  • I changed the format of the introduction above compared to the original version. It just serves to make it tidy and less messy.
  • I added issues to show my knowledge of things like HTML meaningful tags. It helps me to make sure that not only do I know how to create codes, but I understand the purpose of each keyword, when not to use them, and so forth.
  • I added a project in order to keep track of how far I am in the mastery of computer languages.

Week 2

  • I added repositories full of files that create unique softwares of my choice. I created a guessing game, a website, and a digital clock from JavaScript, CSS, and HTML tutorials.
  • I deleted the hobbies list because I think listing my hobbies is irrelevant to the portfolio and the learning environment.
  • I added more code purely from my learning of more HTML elements and headers and footers, React hooks, the creation of the guessing game and website, and many others from the tutorials.
  • I added the Top anchor link. With that users won't need to scroll back up to the top of the site.
  • I cloned the repositories locally to the Visual Studio Code and I edited the files and learned to commit and push the changes directly to Github.
  • I added more issues to keep the interesting facts of the programming languages that I learned from the tutorials.
  • I added the CSS code to the HTML files.

Week 3

  • I added more repositories that have codes that have yet to be finished. I created my own React App and made a food app that may contain mouth watering recipes.
  • I added more code from my learning of the harder tutorials, whether it's TypeScript's functions and classes, CSS's pseudo-classes, or, React's hooks. Since I was lacking particularly with TypeScript and React, I pushed myself the most on the two.
  • I added more issues and updated the old ones to show the facts that I learned from the programming languages.
  • I added an issue which is a list of objectives of what to do prior to the portfolio due date.

Final Week

  • I wrapped up my knowledge of the programming languages by finishing the tutorials and by adding more code and I have achieved the expected mastery of them all.
  • I changed the programming language of my React app from JavaScript to TypeScript.
  • I added a branch to my React app to make sure it shows up on Github Pages.
  • I deployed my React app and published all of my projects to Github Pages.
  • I added all the repository links for the projects.
  • I made short, but detailed commit messages mostly in the React app. The best example is me learning how to move files up two directories.
  • I added an issue which is a great way to conclude the portfolio.
  • Since I didn't create all the work for the projects, I made necessary sentences to give credit to those with code that I've adapted from.


Week 1

  • I will make the introduction, Change Log, TODO and future sections more fancy and full screens and maybe have the sections listed on the left-hand screen and clickable so reading the site will be easier.
  • I will add more codes to the uploaded files so that learning the programming languages can be easier as time goes on. I can learn new and harder stuff such as elements, avoiding the any time so that I can reach the goal of mastering the languages by the end of the semester.
  • I will add more issues so that my knowledge on the languages will only expand.

Week 2

  • I will get into the now advanced tutorials such as the HTML entities an symbols so I can elevate my mastery of the programming languages, particularly from TypeScript and React.
  • I will create some difficult games that will maybe include an app from TypeScript and React tutorials.
  • I will edit my website to make it more elaborate and professional.

Week 3

  • Heading into the final week, I will wrap up the tutorials and go over everything that I've learned from the first week to this week.
  • I will use my knowledge to get into making unique softwares that are out of this world. Sure it may look scary, but knowledge is power.
  • I will create a list of objectives of what to do in order to make the portfolio look complete.
  • I will create a paragraph showcasing how I became someone who has the ability to blend in with the computer programming community.

Final Week

  • I will look back at my created projects and the code I added from practicing the programming languages and show them to my family and friends.

Problems & Moving Forward

Week 1

  • When I was dealing with HTML, I was confused with the syntax of the meaningful tags because of the <> brackets. However, I began to notice that their usage is similar to those with curly brackets in languages like Python, C, C++, and Java. Because of the similarity, the practice with code that involves the elements became easier. Nonetheless, I'm still struggling with some of the elements of HTML. I'll continue to practice with those elements and go on to new elements and more.
  • When I was dealing with CSS, the styles and classes took some practice for me to get the hang of it. What I found interesting is when pointing out classes, even a single string can do that. When there is two words in the quotation, the code points out to two classes. The structures of those aren't too complicated but since I'm new to CSS, it took me a while to master them. I'll contnue to practice with classes and get into new selectors.
  • I didn't practice a lot with JavaScript. What I've done so far is using the class atribute to create classes. I didn't really focus on all parts yet but I will get into loops and arrays.
  • I struggled with TypeScript in particular since unlike JavaScript, TypeScript is stricter in terms of rules. Because using types like any makes the code easier, avoiding the abuse of the any type was a little difficult. I'll continue to practice and touch on other types in TypeScript.
  • When I was practicing with hooks in React, I found myself having to spend time to understand how to use them in codes. It appears that I haven't quite grasp the concept and usage of them. I'll continue to go further in and make sure that I know how to use hooks.

Week 2

  • When I was creating the softwares, I had to look back to what I learned from this and the previous milestone as well as the tutorials. The codes that generate them require a big load of methods, quotes, semantics, and functions. Even for the fact that I did succeed in making the softwares, it certainly was a bit of a struggle. I will refresh my memory on my previous learning of all the past things as well as learn the advanced concepts in the tutorials.
  • When I was dealing with HTML, the headers and footers were actually quite difficult especially in the larger chunks of code. The order that the elements have to come in was the key point to making the code complete and able to compile. I'll practice more with these sections before moving on to the hard ones.
  • When I was dealing with React, the methods and variables were new to me since I didn't learn them before. I learned about the state and effect hooks and made some functions with them. I had to look at the tutorials to figure out how they work. I'll get the hang of them eventually so I can go on to prepare for the final milestone.
  • When I was dealing with CSS, the tutorial on colors took a surprisingly complicated step since I not only had to list the color, I had to include the hex value too. They're kind of hard to memorize and I'll have to practice more with this before getting to entities next time.
  • When I was dealing with JavaScript, I encountered innerHTML in the coding. Since it basically sets the HTML contents of an element on a web page, the chunks of code involve both HTML and JavaScript. It was rather hard for me since this is the first time that I've dealt with it. I'll practice more with it before going ahead to debugging.
  • When I was dealing with Github, I had trouble with trying to commit and push changes to it directly from Visual Studio Code. I had to play with Visual Studio Code for a while before figuring it out. I now know how to commit and push changes to Github from Visual Studio Code and so no obstacle will stop me from doing it from now.
  • When I was dealing with TypeScript, avoiding the abuse of types like any became much easier, particularly with classes. Even so, I kind of got stuck through the sections of the tutorial and noticed the differences between TypeScript for JavaScript programmers and those for Java & C# programmers. While the differences were blurry, it was still hard for me to understand. I'll go through the tutorial again before moving to the harder stuff.

Week 3

  • Since there's one week left before the finished product, it was a bit of struggle for me that some parts of the softwares required me to look back at the first week of learning. I could hardly remember what I learned back in the beginning so I had to look back numerous times to get through the tutorials. I'll have to refresh my memory a bit before finishing the portfolio.
  • When creating the React food app, not only did I have to watch tutorials, I had to search online to find out what applications I needed to run the software. I also had trouble running the software from the terminal. I had to search online to find commands that gets the job done. I'll have to keep that in mind when I finish the softwares in TypeScript.

Final Week

  • I particularly struggled with trying to deploy a single React app to Github Pages. I had to ask for help and I found out that the way to deploy the app was through commit messages and more learning through Github. The most notable commit was that there were too many nests and I had to write a message to move the files up two directories. I also had to create another branch on Github to make sure the project shows up and is published from the right branch.
  • I look at how far I've come into the programming world since the beginning of the semester. While I'm not a big fan of programming languages, I found myself having a lot of fun playing around with them. What I thought would be a simple task turned into such a huge impact on my knowledge of them. With tutorials and the creation of my own projects, my mastery only expanded and I managed to show everyone how incredibly good I became in the field. I will look over all the work I've done and hopefully I can show the projects I made and the code I added from practicing to my family and friends.


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