Kubeflow Pipeline compiler to compile KFP DSL to Tekton YAML.

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Kubeflow Pipelines with Tekton

Project bringing Kubeflow Pipelines and Tekton together. The project is driven according to this design doc. The current code allows you run Kubeflow Pipelines with Tekton backend end to end.

  • Create your Pipeline using Kubeflow Pipelines DSL, and compile it to Tekton YAML.
  • Upload the compiled Tekton YAML to KFP engine (API and UI), and run end to end with logging and artifacts tracking enabled.

For more details about the project please follow this detailed blog post. Additionally, look at these slides as well as this deep dive presentation for demos.

Note: If you are interested in a sister project built on top of Kubeflow Pipelines with Tekton, please try Machine Learning eXchange (MLX), Data and AI Assets Catalog and Execution Engine. It introduces a 'Component Registry' for Kubeflow Pipelines, amongst other things.


The Tekton Pipelines project provides Kubernetes-style resources for declaring CI/CD-style pipelines. Tekton introduces several new Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) including Task, Pipeline, TaskRun, and PipelineRun. A PipelineRun represents a single running instance of a Pipeline and is responsible for creating a Pod for each of its Tasks and as many containers within each Pod as it has Steps. Please look for more details in Tekton repo.

Kubeflow Pipeline with Tekton Backend

We are currently using Kubeflow Pipelines 1.5.0 and Tekton >= 0.27.0 for this project.


Get Started using Kubeflow Pipelines with Tekton

Install Kubeflow Pipelines with Tekton backend

KFP Tekton Pipelines User Guide

Use KFP Tekton SDK

Run Samples

Available KFP DSL Features

Tekton Specific Features

Development Guides

Backend Developer Guide

SDK Developer Guide

Compilation Tests Status Report

Design Guides

Design Doc

KFP, Argo and Tekton Features Comparison


Kubeflow Slack

CD Foundation MLOps Sig.

Instructions to join


Kubeflow and TFX Pipelines

Kubeflow and TFX Pipelines talk at Tensorflow World

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