Adobe Consulting Services (AEM)

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ACS AEM Projects github pages repo; These gh-pages site is broken up by Project:

  1. ACS AEM Projects - http://adobe-consulting-services.github.io/
  2. ACS AEM Commons - http://adobe-consulting-services.github.io/acs-aem-commons
  3. ACS AEM Tools - http://adobe-consulting-services.github.io/acs-aem-tools
  4. ACS AEM Samples - http://adobe-consulting-services.github.io/acs-aem-samples


The file structure is broken out by projects (acs-aem-commons, acs-aem-tools, shared). Files under the "shared" folders can be used acrossed projects (ex. feature-cards).

  • /_data/<project>.yml

    • _data files contain "global" data points for each project. Ex: {{ site.data.<project>.version }}
  • /_includes/<project>

    • _includes are "partials" that can be reused through the sites. /_includes/shared can be used across projects.
  • /_layouts/<project>_<layout>.html

    • _layouts live in a flat structure prefixed by the project name. _layouts typically do not have re-use across sites; but can include _include/shared files.
  • /(_acs-aem-commons|_acs-aem-tools)/features/<feature-name>.md

    • _acs-aem-comons|_acs-aem-tools contain the Features docs for each feature of the project.
    • Each feature has a named folder, with this folder is:
      • index.md which is the feature doc page
      • thumbnail.png which is the feature thumbnail (displays on the cards)
      • images folder that contains any images used in the index.md
      • Optionally sub-features will have their own folders that themselves follow this pattern
  • /_announcements/(acs-aem-commons|acs-aem-tools)/<X-X-X>.txt

    • _announcements contain the Features and News "posts" for each project.
    • announcement docs must have a front-matter metadata project with values acs-aem-commons or acs-aem-tools in order to display on the correct project site.
  • /acs-aem-commons|acs-aem-tools|acs-aem-samples

    • These project folders contain the index.html for each project along w any /<project>/pages/*.html such as maven integration instructions, or 3rd party deps.
  • /assets/<project>

    • assets contain front-end assets such as JS, CSS (compiled from the LESS under /lib) and static images.
  • _sass

    • The shared SCSS files; these are included on each project site via the appropriate /assets/<project>/css/styles.scss
  • /lib

    • Sources files used for for this sites development (currently PSD and image files)
  • /pages

    • ACS AEM Projects site specific pages
  • /index.html

    • The ACS AEM Projects home page

Feature Docs/News Front-matter

The following front matter is required

layout: <project>_<layout>
title: Post title
description: Post description
date: 2014-01-01 # Time not required
feature-tags: standard || component-dev || backend-dev || authoring || administration
initial-release: 1.0.0
last-updated-release: 1.0.0
tags: deprecated


layout: acs-aem-commons_feature
title: Component Helper
description: Simplify your components
date: 2013-06-10
feature-tags: standard authoring
tags: deprecated
initial-release: 1.0.0
last-updated-release: 3.13.0

Note: feature-tags will only effect Feature Filtering on ACS AEM Commons; it will be ignored on other sites.

Thumbnail images for features should ba named thumbnail.png and be a native 400 width x 200 height pixels.

New and Updated badges

The New and Updated badges are now applied by matching the projects site.data.<project>.version and site.data.<project>.version60 to the pages intial-release and last-updated-release frontmatter metadata, so setting the tags directly is no longer necessary; only the initial-release and last-updated-release frontmatter need to be maintained.

Deprecated features still use the tags: deprecated.

Sub-feature pages

Feature pages can aggregate a card-view of subfeatures. For example, Workflow Process has sub-features, each sub-feature representing a discrete Workflow Process provided by the AEM ACS Commons project.

To create a sub-feature card list that automatically reads the feature-docs that reside beneath it in feature doc collection: (_acs-aem-commons/features//) add the following include to the feature's index.md

{% include acs-aem-commons/sub-features.html %}

Note this sub-feature list is only available for ACS AEM Commons (and not ACS AEM Tools).


This site is built using Jekyll. To build this site locally you must have already installed Ruby, Bundler, and Jekyll. With these installed you can do the following:

bundle exec jekyll build

Or alternatively to build and serve locally for review:

bundle exec jekyll serve

More information can be found here: https://jekyllrb.com/

Example of installing Ruby/Jekyll under Ubuntu:

Every package manager works a little differently but for the most part you need to make sure you have Ruby and its dev libraries installed in order for Jekyll to work. Gem will want to compile nokogiri's native code to match your environment so additional libraries are required as well. For example:

sudo apt install build-essential ruby ruby-dev libxml2-dev zlib1g-dev
sudo gem install bundler
bundle install

The final part installs all the prerequisites needed to run the bundle commands as demonstrated in the section above. You should only need to execute these commands once.

Other operating systems will vary along this theme, e.g. on Mac OSX you will likely need to install XCode if you haven't done so already.

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