✉️ Send e-mails with Node.JS – easy as cake!

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Send e-mails from Node.js – easy as cake! 🍰✉️


See nodemailer.com for documentation and terms.

Having an issue?

Nodemailer supports all Node.js versions starting from [email protected] Existing test suite does not support such old Node.js versions so all features are not actually tested. From time to time some regression bugs might occur because of this.

First review the docs

Documentation for Nodemailer can be found at nodemailer.com.

Nodemailer throws a SyntaxError for "..."

You are using older Node.js version than v6.0. Upgrade Node.js to get support for the spread operator.

I'm having issues with Gmail

Gmail either works well or it does not work at all. It is probably easier to switch to an alternative service instead of fixing issues with Gmail. If Gmail does not work for you then don't use it. Read more about it here.

I get ETIMEDOUT errors

Check your firewall settings. Timeout usually occurs when you try to open a connection to a port that is firewalled either on the server or on your machine.

I get TLS errors

  • If you are running the code in your own machine, then check your antivirus settings. Antiviruses often mess around with email ports usage. Node.js might not recognize the MITM cert your antivirus is using.
  • Latest Node versions allow only TLS versions 1.2 and higher, some servers might still use TLS 1.1 or lower. Check Node.js docs how to get correct TLS support for your app.

I have a different problem

If you are having issues with Nodemailer, then the best way to find help would be Stack Overflow or revisit the docs.


Nodemailer is licensed under the MIT license

The Nodemailer logo was designed by Sven Kristjansen.

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