A developer's guide to management: an open-sourced handbook for leading software engineering teams.

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The Eng Team Handbook (eng-handbook)

A developer's guide to management: an open-sourced handbook for leading engineering teams


When it comes to building software, there are a lot of resources out there that help you get started quickly, from open-source libraries to full-stack tools and platforms. But when it comes to building engineering teams, it's hard to find resources that you can link to, clone, or integrate with and start using right away.

This project takes what we've already done with code (open-source collaboration, modules, templating), and applies it to resources that no engineering team should need to rediscover or reinvent.

Each guide is written to be self-explanatory and usable on its own, combining both "how to" instructional elements as well as templates that can be adapted to your own needs. Since no engineering team is created equal, you can pick and choose to compose modules into a customized handbook that works for you.


If you're on an engineering team and looking for some easy ways to get started when it comes to 1-1s, performance reviews, hosting a team offsite, and more:

  • Browse our guides see if you find them useful—Quickstart headers tell you who they’re most relevant for, e.g. [Quickstart Applicable to most managers]
  • Use them directly as internal references, or fork to customize them to better suit your team's needs
  • Give feedback and make edits to help improve these guides for others
  • Watch to stay tuned for updates and new guides

If you've developed content of your own that you'd like to share, consider contributing.

Table of Contents

Engineering Management

Performance Reviews & Feedback

Coming Soon


This is currently maintained by @raylene. If you are interested in helping, reach out!


If you have corrections, requests for additional guides, or any other ideas, open an issue or submit some PRs.

If you’d like to write a new guide, check the requested list.


GNU General Public License v3.0

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