🚀 This tool contains mini GUI components that you can hook together to automatically generate markdown code for a perfect readme.

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Github Profilinator

Generate creative GitHub profile readmes in few click!

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This project is aimed to simplify your GitHub profile generation process by providing creative components from all over the web which can be added in a few click. In the end, with the click of a button, markdown is auto-generated which you can directly add to your readmes.

🧐 Feature list

  • Image and text fields have multiple options like alignment, sizes, fit to screen
  • Skill set filed
  • Social badges field
  • GitHub activity and language stats
  • Dynamic blog posts
  • Visitor counter
  • Init with demo template
  • Multi column support
  • Customizable blocks and layouts
  • Listening to from Spotify
  • Multi template
  • Last tweet from Twitter
  • Last 3 uploads from Instagram

🚀 Getting started

This project is already deployed on https://profilinator.rishav.dev

Instructions for local deployment are given below:

  1. Clone the repository
git clone [email protected]:rishavanand/github-profilinator.git
  1. Enter the project directory
cd github-profilinator
  1. Install dependencies
npm i
  1. Start local dev server
npm start
  1. View local deployment at

💫 Built on the shoulders of giants

NOTE : All the logos/icons belong to their respective owners , we don't own them.

❤️ Supporting the project

A simple star to this project repo is enough to keep me motivated on this project for days. If you find your self very much excited with this project let me know with a tweet.


Contributions are welcomed!

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