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Hostel Adda is a collaboration platform for hostellers.

This app allows:

  1. Synchronize your daily hostel tasks to increase efficiency
  2. Smartly collaborate with peers to divide the workload
  3. Share resources and help each other.
  4. Aggregate your online orders to get discounts.
  5. Improve communication between faculty and students.

This application provides you with an all-in-one platform for all your hostel needs. Hostellers could help each other by providing services such as getting food and sharing books. So if you are willing to get some work done and help other peers to complete their daily chores efficiently, this is the place for you.

You can:

  • Provide services such as sharing a book or bringing food from the cafe for your fellow hosteller.
  • Order service to let someone else do the work for you and you could later do the same for someone else.

Or, are you worried that having small value order's online would waste your money on various shipping charges and whatnot?

  • Using this app you can collaborate with other mates to order in bulk and get bulk discounts.
  • The app allows you to find people who would be ordering from the same platform as yours and how you can contribute to their orders benefiting all of you.

Also, the app has a built-in messaging system for smooth communication between peers or the faculty as per the need.
So, Join the community and invite your friends to help make hostel life a better experience for all of us.

Developed By:
Vibhu AgarwalPuneet JainSaurav Kumar Yadav

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