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Ideas for sample projects you could create with a framework to demonstrate its approach to solving specific problems Please read the contribution guidelines before contributing.


Arcade Shooter (Galaga etc)

Battery status monitor

Benjamin Franklin's 13 Virtues app

Book search

BTN workouts app


A simple Calculator program with Standard functions or with Scientific functions.
Basic Arithmetic Operations -> Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide
Memory Operations -> Save to Memory, Recall from Memory, Clear Memory, Operations History
Other Operations -> Clear Data (Clears the input area and data from memory)

Running Calculator - Time, Distance, Pace for your next race

Calendar app

Calorie Counter (Weight loss) app

Chat bot


Client-side photo editor (VSCO/Darkroom app)

Cloud audio player

Code search

Collaborative Etherpad Lite like Markdown editor

Conference app

This web app should give a functionality both for the conference organizer and the participates. Main features: information on tracks/talks (speaker bio, links to slides), schedule with push notification on the talks that the user choose.

Connectivity checker

Contacts manager

Countdown timer / Stop watch


This app should resemble an HR type dashboard where a user can login and view information about the company. It can have an Employee section that shows the information of that employee like Name, Address, Phone, Email, position in company, how long they have been employed, start date, vacation time remaining etc. The app should also have some sort of project tracking. You could include in some graphs and charts that show company progress year over year. One more thing would be to add a place for the HR person to make a company wide announcement that would show up on the company intranet.

Dedicated Compass

Diet tracker

Docker Client

Employee manager


Fantasy football

File sharing app


Gallery or Portfolio app

Gift app (find gifts for friends)

GitHub API client

Github notifications app

Google/Chrome/Android developer video search app

Guitar Tabs

Guitar tuner

Guitar/stringed instrument chord finder

Gym Keeper (Sets / Rep Counter)

Hacker News API/search client

Hand Gesture Detector/Translator

An app that will use device camera as input, detect a person's gestures & movements and translate them into meaningful work i.e. perform some actions based on detected hand gestures. Best use case would be using it for teaching new things to toddlers with sounds and animations. Also, it can make understanding and interaction easier with deaf-dumb people.


House search app targeting family needs

Instagram client

Kanban board

Kids' milestones tracker

Language Translator (think Google Translate)

Mail client

Movie Reviews

Movies / IMDB search

National Rail

Nearby (transport, cafes, anything)

News reader (e.g RSS reader)

Note taking app

Offline book reader


Photo booth

Photo Cropper

Photo sharing app

Pizza order composer

Stores people's preferences of toppings, and maybe crust styles too, i.e., what they like, love, dislike, hate, or are neutral to. (Alternate idea: store only the device owner's preferences, and several instances can communicate with each other to collaborate, filling in other people on an ad-hoc basis.) To put together an order, say who's there and how hungry. It should put together an order that will feed everybody, maximize happiness with the toppings, and minimize price. E.g., "1 medium half-pepperoni half-mushroom plus 2 large Hawaiians". It could get prices, and maybe locations, from assorted online sources TBD, or just make assumptions.

Planning Poker Cards

Podcast player

Pomodoro App

Product Hunt API/search client

QR Code Scanner

Quiz/trivia app

Quotes app

Recipes app

Reddit client

Reminders app


Simple game (e.g cards or LetterPress)

Snap and share client (Camera app, share to Drive)

Speed Test app

Spirit Level

Stack Exchange Client

Sticky App

Stock Portfolio Tracker

Surf App

Let the user register his location and then give reports showing which beaches are the best to surf in the next days. It's a good oportunity to use weather API's for something more specific.


Timetable app

ToDo List (Classic)

Travel app

Trello API client

Tunes / Music finder / player

Twitter client

Typing test

URL shortener

This will take in a full URL (https://foo.bar) and return it in a string that contains 8 alpha-numeric (A-Z, 0-9) that will represent a shorten URL. You should put in guard functions to prevent any kind of SQL injection type attack.


Weather app

What’s near me? (Google Maps API)

WhatsApp Style Messaging App

Wine cellar (wine manager)

A manager at a high end restaurant needs an app to help manage the restaurants collection of (x) bottles of wine. The manager would like to know the vineyard, location, year, style, location in cellar, how many bottles remain, selling price, buying price, as well as tasting notes. All fields need to be updatable as prices, tasting notes and years will all change frequently. It should have an image of the label/bottle as well.

Working parents dinner app

YouTube API/search client

Using the YouTube API, your app should be able to take in a search string and return the videos for that search. For example, if I wanted to watch David Bowie's Starman, it should return just those videos. However, if I'm not being picky and just want to listen to David Bowie, it should return any number of results that pertain to Bowie. An added feature would be able to have it choose at random what video is returned, or limit how many results are returned in one search.



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