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Getting Director's approval for a new W3C maturity level (aka transition requests)

For all requests to advance a specification to a new maturity level other than Note, the Working Group must obtain Director approval. This is a repository for managing the Director approval workflow when advancing on the W3C Recommendation track. It contains the transition requirements document, available from Organize a Technical Report Transition, and an issues tracker for managing transition requests. Tags are used to manage the transitions, keeping track of who has the “ball”. Notifications are sent by email to various mailing lists, include public-transition-announce and chairs.

Select one of the transition templates below:

  • First Public Working Draft: FPWD transition
  • First Public Working|Interest Note: FPNote transition
  • Ordinary Working Draft: no Director's approval needed, just use Echidna.
  • Ordinary Working|Interest Group Note: no Director's approval needed, just use Echidna.
  • Transitioning to Candidate Recommendation: CR transition
  • Publishing a Candidate Recommendation Draft: no Director's approval needed, just use Echidna.
  • Updating a Candidate Recommendation Snapshot: Updated CR transition
  • Proposed Recommendation: PR transition
  • Proposal to Supersede a Recommendation: Superseded transition
  • Proposal to Obsolete a Recommendation: Obsoleted transition
  • Recommendation: Due to the need to look at the AC Review comments, those transitions are done by the Team separately. But you can find traces of them in issues.
  • Edited Recommendation: Edited REC transition

If you're not sure what transition template to use, check out our next step finder to see your choices.

Further Guidance

  • Start with Organize a Technical Report Transition for more detailed guidance on how to complete the templates.
  • If you need to convey Member-confidential information, start a thread on [email protected] and link it from your issue; lists.w3.org's access control will manage permissions. Use [email protected] instead for Team-confidential infos.
  • Assign your editor(s) and staff contact(s) to the transition request issue to facilitate automatic pestering.
  • Untag "Awaiting ..." if you intend to continue editing the issue before requesting action; you will need to add these back later.
  • Issues get closed once publication is complete and relevant announcements are posted.

How does the monitoring work?

You may add your own hook to get those notifications.

This repository is monitored using transition-issues-bot.

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