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Puerts WebGL Unity

puerts_webgl minigame

introduction | 简介

  • With this project. Unity Puer's JS Code will run in the v8 of browser instead of v8/quickjs in WebAssembly.
  • 通过该项目的支持,Unity puer的JS代码会运行在宿主JS引擎里,而不是运行在编译为WASM的JS解释器里。

Advantage | 优势

  • High Efficiency | 开发很快
    • all the JS file can run in browser directly. you dont have to rebuild the unity project after JS script is modified.
    • 所有JS逻辑文件都可以直接在宿主JS环境跑,因此你不需要在每次改完脚本代码后重新构建unity项目了。
  • Fast | 执行很快
    • with the JIT in browser's v8. Puer Webgl has a huge execute performance advantage.

    • 因为在这套架构下,JS是运行在宿主JS环境下的,有JIT的支持,因此相比Lua脚本方案,在执行性能上有碾压性的性能优势。

      100k fibonacci(12)
      xLua WebGL 6200ms
      Puerts WebGL 165ms

QuickStart | 开始

have a try | 体验一下效果

  • start a http server in build directory. you can quickly try these 4 demo which is built by Unity2019.
  • 在build目录启动一个httpserver,通过网页访问即可看到4个demo的效果,它们是Unity2019编译产生的。
  1. Simple Rotate Demo | 简单旋转demo
  2. Basketball Game Demo | 篮球小游戏demo
  3. UnitTest
  4. Compare with XLua WebGL | 和 xLua WebGL 进行fibonacci 性能对比测试demo

How to rebuild | 如何重新构建?

  1. Open any project in projects | 打开projects下的任意项目
  2. Click puerts-webgl/install in the Menu | 点击puerts-webgl/install
  3. Do Unity WebGL Build | 执行Unity的WebGL Build
  4. Click puerts-webgl/build for browser following the tips in console | 根据命令行提示,点击puerts-webgl/build for browser将JS拷贝到构建目录
  5. append these code befoew </head> in index.html built by Unity: | 将下述代码放到index.html的前
  <script src="./puerts-runtime.js"></script>
  <script src="./puerts_browser_js_resources.js"></script>

install in your own project | 在你自己的项目中安装

  • Install puerts first. then:

  • 首先安装puerts。随后:

    Add from OpenUPM | available in 2018+


    Add from GitHub | available in 2019.4+

    You can add it directly from GitHub on Unity 2019.4+. Note that you won't be able to receive updates through Package Manager this way, you'll have to update manually.

    • open Package Manager
    • click +
    • select Add from Git URL
    • paste https://github.com/zombieyang/puerts_unity_webgl_demo.git?path=/package
    • click Add

About WeChat minigame | 关于微信小游戏?


Dependent | 依赖

  • because of the dependent with WeakRef and FinalizationRegistry. this project is available in the environment below.
  • 因为大量使用到了WeakRefFinalizationRegistryAPI。该功能在以下环境下可用:
  1. V8 8.4+(Chrome 84+) OR v8 7.4+(Chrome 84+) with --harmony-weak-refs
  2. iOS Safari 14.5+/OSX Safari 14.1+
  3. WeChat Minigame | 微信小游戏

How to contrib

  • 运作原理(how this work?)


  • 未来还有以下工作要做(TODO):
  1. 测试2021下bigint表现
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