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Coding Tests

  • Fullstack Developer - Do Test 1, 2 and 3
  • Frontend Developer - Do Test 1 & 2
  • Backend Developer - Do Test 3

Test 1 (Base)

  • Fork then Clone the repo locally and run it.
  • Install Chakra UI and add integrate it as part of the project.
  • Replace all basic html components with Chakra UI components.
  • Deploy the project to Vercel and provide the URL link.
  • The initial objective is to update the text value found within the component DynamicText.tsx by calling the function changeValue and passing a value to it.
  • The changeValue function have to be called from the index.tsx file inside the onChange which is called by the input component. The value of the input should match as the text displayed in DynamicText.tsx.
  • This is to be completed by only using React references. No props, context or external library should be used to solve this problem. Only React references should be used by referencing the DynamicText component and calling the changeValue within it.
  • Make the DynamicText component responsive to break if the word gets to long and goes beyond the width. Use the Chakra UI library.
  • Redeploy the project after being completed.

Extra Points

  • Currently the import of the DynamicText component in pages/index.tsx is as follows import DynamicText from "../components/DynamicText";. Using typescript, change the configurations so the the import would look like this import DynamicText from "components/DynamicText"; in the index.tsx file.

Test 2 (Frontend)

  • Integrate firebase authentication with React Context that provides the auth state of the user globally in any component.
  • Create a sign up and sign in page that integrates with firebase authentication.
  • pages/index.tsx should be a protected route and only accessible after user has signed in or created an account.
  • Create a new page pages/blog.tsx.
  • Within this new page, develop a UI that will display multiple blog card, each representing a blog article.
  • Each blog card should consist of a image and title.
  • When a blog card is clicked, a modal should pop up displaying the content of the article.
  • All blog data should be stored on Firebase firestore.
  • The blog card listing and articles should update in real time using the Firebase JS SDK.

Test 3 (Fullstack/Backend)

  • Develop a backend system using the NestJS and Serverless framework that will be deployed on AWS Lambda following the serverless architecture and the microservice principles of NestJS. The database used will be PostgreSQL and interactions with the DB will be through typeORM.
  • The backend should provide services that will allow the creation of a user profile on sign up that consist of name and date of birth which would authenticate with firebase authentication using the firebase admin library. Profile data should be stored on a PostgreSQL instance.
  • Create a blog service that allows the creation and management of blog articles which will be stored both on the PostgreSQL instance and on a Firestore instance.
  • If your role is for a backend developer, you can stop here for Test 3.
  • Integrate the services as part of Test 2.
  • After completing Test 2, create a new page pages/dashboard.tsx that integrates any rich text editor of your choice. This page should be a protected page for only admins to create/update/delete blogs by interacting with the backend service.
  • Create a admin user and provide their login details.
  • Push this project into a github repo and provide a public link.

Good Job!

After completing the coding test, please provide the details listed below:

  • Vercel deployment URL
  • Public github link for all test completed
  • API route links and Open API documentation
  • Any other information required to run and access the project such as environment keys (.env) and admin login

Learn More

To learn more about some of the technologies used, take a look at the following resources:

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